Lockdown – Day 1

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.

Hector Berlioz

This morning, the Catalan government asked residents not to leave their homes unless “absolutely essential.” The government is also attempting to lockdown all travel within Catalonia, closing ports, airports, train links and border crossings by road. Denmark is closing its border for 30 days, and Norway is shutting down. We had planned to relocate by car to our home in Norway sometime next week. Now it is unclear when we will be able to go.

WW2 killed around 3% of the world’s population; WW1 a little more than 1%. Worst-case scenarios suggest the world-wide death toll of this pandemic could approach 1% in the face of complete inaction by governments and apathy by those of us who are healthy. Yet actions are being taken by governments and their peoples, even if later than we might have liked, and while borders are closing, travel being restricted and “our way of life” inconvenienced, no bombs are dropping from the sky – no forced conscriptions marching our young and healthy into battle. Instead, for the sake of the elderly and those in poor health or with weak immune systems (which could be any of us at some point in time), we are asked to wash our hands, keep our distance, avoid large crowds, limit travel and for some, to stay inside. We could all think of worse.

Trail Costa Brava

I squeezed in the Trail Costa Brava marathon this past weekend as part of a long training day within my current training block. The point-to-point race starts in Pals and tracks the coastline south, ending in Palamos. The race covers ~43km with ~2.100m in elevation gain and includes some of the most beautiful running in all of Spain (imo). Parts are surprisingly technical: steep, rocky descents and ascents to and from the coastline, many requiring rope or chains with not insignificant consequences if you make a mistake. I’m not much of a beach/water person, but the sounds and views throughout the race were soul-charging (I was not listening to music; the ear-buds were for the run back). I finished in 5:24:48, good enough for 14th place overall, before starting the 20km run back to the car to finish off a long training day.

Here’s a video from Klassmark, the race organizers, that gives you more of a sense for just how beautiful the course is.

Jan/Feb Roundup

A Year Abroad

It’s been a little over one year since we moved to Spain. Looking back, we did quite a lot in 2019.

  1. We traveled – Nice, Paris, Chamonix, La Palma, Valencia, Cadaqués
  2. We completed a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation
  3. We bought and renovated an apartment in Girona
  4. We lived in the mountains of Andorra in July, and in a tiny cabin below a glacier in Bionnassay, France in August
  5. I completed UTMB
  6. We hosted family and friends
  7. We made new friends
  8. We bought a home in Norway
  9. We had a baby, at home

Most surprising was our purchase of a home in Norway; most momentous, meeting Adya. We are thankful for it all, the product of and bookend to a decade no more.

To a Wild 2020, and beyond.

La Tosa d’Alp

Views from La Tosa d’Alp (2587m), looking east toward Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. About 2 hours from Girona by car, Brent and I skimo’ed this back in early January and I’ve been returning most weeks for solo reps up/down. The Salomon Ultra Pirineu takes place in the mountains in the near distance.