10 Year Goals

I wrote these down before moving to Spain in 2019. The goals – some vague, some specific – are in no particular order, and unlike past ones, the process and journey are of more import than any end point or destination.

  1. Climb Denali
  2. Run UTMB
  3. Speak Spanish fluently
  4. Play Moonlight Sonata’s three movements
  5. Be a skilled outdoorsman
  6. Have a home in the mountains with a fireplace, wood stove, bookshelves and garden
  7. Entertain with storytelling and conversations
  8. Build and create
  9. Have a small family, prioritizing travel, experiences, non-traditional education & time together
  10. Write a book/memoir

Thinking about who and where I wanted to be in 10-years time – as well as the values and themes I wanted to prioritise over that time – brought into sharp contrast my priorities at the time (work, money, “success,” etc.). But it also highlighted the changes I needed to make in my life if I wanted to prioritise what was truly important to me. After that, it just takes the courage and faith to act.

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